Monday, November 10, 2008

My October

Man, what's up with blogger not resizing pictures properly?
Still gonna keep messing with this, but here it is for now!


TelevisioN said...

Would you like critique on this?

whoreray/redfive said...

Do it!

TelevisioN said...

This illustration still rocks. That said, here's my two cents:

The color of your light is a cool yellow, which is kind of a detriment to our connecting with the character. You might want to either move it more towards red/orange, or make the flesh on the kid a little bit more red/orange.

I think you should continue to paint on the little boy until there aren't any more solid lines on him. Tell the story with gradients, and leave the lines on the robot for contrast.

Cibo said...

heehee, the little orange robot reminds me of Paprika! :D I'm especially fond of the robot's flat, featureless face and the little glowbug <3