Thursday, November 6, 2008

October art trade thing (a few days late..)

I have been looking at this for way too long. ;_;
Crits welcome <3 I'm going to spend a few days playing a game I can't mention by name or Dan will hiss at me, but then I'll come back to this for revisions.


TelevisioN said...


Also, holy crap, is that a painting? Please tell me there's some 3D render in there or my mind may explode.

auds said...

Yeah I used a bare-bones 3D render to get the perspective on the staircase and ceiling alcoves. I painted over most of it, but it helped lots. XD

Shep said...

*sneaks in*

Howdy all! (Auds invited me over. Normally, I'm like this absolute lurker.)

I've already told you what I liked about this, and I adore that floor. I cannot get over the floor, and I would like that floor in my house. *grin*

The dust on the stonework and the light film of it streaming though the windows is really a pretty touch, as are the doors.

I think one of the only crits I see now after looking at it on the darker background is the area around the window-panes seems a little flat, especially against the details of the floor and the curtains, if that makes sense?

However, it does give this absolute impression of a vast space and a small figure in it. Really, really nice.

auds said...

Good call! I made some edits. Thanks <3

Cibo said...

you know my sentiments already ;D tremendously sexy! and oddly sorta colourful <3