Wednesday, October 1, 2008

September Bet

Aw yeah, I actually finished. I'm not super happy with this, but I'm ready to move on, and it was fun. Crits appreciated <3


TelevisioN said...

Wow! The way you handle fabric is way good. It makes me want to spend a few hours drawing some well-lit blankets. Also, I think you might like this one after some time away from it, because it looks good to me.

Cibo said...

tremendous lovely!! <3 I'm so happy you finally finished this! And I see you opted for the red/green rather than the white/green, I think the switch in palette choice was a good one <3

- the ruffly ackshun at the bottom of her dress is eeenteresting, very texturey! I approve of the repetition in texture on her see-thru sleeve <3
- LOVE the nature BG with the leaves and grass and branches; it is some hot composition, and it flows very naturally and asymmetrically while still being balanced, v.attractive <3
- the cloudy texture greens: YES. <3
- pinky text and choice of font/phrasing; again, love <3
- I like the texture on the green part of her dress, it gives it satisfyingly trad look <3 however, it doesn't quite mesh with the rough paper BG texture; it results in the positive spaces looking like they've just been tacked on, rather than acting as negative space, y'know what I mean? leaving it a flat beige might end up looking better and reduces texture-clutter, allowing the focus to remain on the textured parts instead of all over, imo.
- otherwise, I much approve of the warmer skintones and shade colour <3 say yes to autumn palette, baby! :D

auds said...

Thanks! I kind of agree about the paper texture, so here's a version without.