Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Projects Class


whoreray/redfive said...


TelevisioN said...


whoreray/redfive said...

Alright, since you're graduating I'm going to critique anything you post; hopefully in a Pixar-like fashion in that I'm honest but don't punch you in the teeth repeatedly.

5 things I like:
-epic as fucking shit
-nice job keeping lightest values focused on the two characters so the eye knows where to go
-this makes me want to know more about why the hell this guy is killing sad robot gameboys
-foreground and background seperate nicely
-the green on the robot seperates him clearly from his fallen comrades

5 things I don't:
-Mullet man's anatomy is very bubbly, like as if he's made out of bubble wrap
-perspective on the mullet man's right hand is weird, you could probably move his hand more towards his face to cover up the arm while making a more dramatic viewing angle
-Is he going to smash the calculator with a centipede?

TelevisioN said...

The lens flare was meant to piss you off. I would call that a stylistic insult.

The rest is very helpful input, and I shall attempt to remedy the situation.

Cibo said...

ahoy! :D sorry, ttlly late and I prolly missed the boat, but I'll try a crit if that's ok :D

- love the underlighting <3
- love the shading on Gameboyman, contrast is delicious :9
- I agree on the bubblyman, a bit of anatomy on the underarm might help :D
- where is bubbleman looking? if he's looking to attack his opponent he might wanna direct his gaze down there first so he can see what he's smashing XD
- the stack seems to be oriented mostly in one direction; some stacky bits jutting out at differing angles might center the eye a little better
- love mulletman's face XD THAT GRIN! THAT CHIN!!