Wednesday, October 8, 2008

and then a hellboy appears


TelevisioN said...

I love the way you draw man-muscles. It seems like you have a really intuitive grasp of the musculature of the body, and that's something I've spent many hours of my life attempting to match. It seems like you have a bunch of really clever drawing shortcuts to indicate anatomy that I normally have to slavishly build in structure when doing a drawing.

The only big thing that bugs me about this sketch is that the character's middle finger is not correctly proportioned next to his pointer finger. I'm aware that it's a quick sketch, but just a thought.

whoreray/redfive said...

Ah, yer right. I always futz up on the fingers.

Thanks, I've been studying Kevin Chen figure drawing notes religiously- they make it so much fucking easier once you really get used to it. If you haven't checked them out I cannot recommend them enough