Saturday, January 17, 2009

January Progress

Progress on the zbrush sculpt I wanna do for the January bet. Started off with the basic male head and deformed the crap out of it. The ears are currently giving me shit so I might have to try again with a custom head.


Cibo said...

this is fucking hot <3 I love that waxy-plastic texture on it, I dunno if it's default or not (never used Zbrush before!), but it is the lufflee. <3 I can see where you kinda abbreviated with the ears, but as they're not the focus of the model, the model overall looks like Tha Shet. :D (I also love that type of face too, long and sculpted and full of character <3)

Chex said...

That's pretty as hell.

Chex said...

Not sure how I feel about the philtrum and upper lip area, but that could be just a stylistic thing.

<3 forehead area, eyes, and chin.

auds said...

Wooh, nice! Man I better get on with my January thing. I think I may steal your idea and do a zbrush deal. XD

I agree about using a custom model for the ears. It might make it a lot easier. The chin looks a little flat, too, but the shape of the overall planes of the face is very nice.