Saturday, June 2, 2007

More stuffs

Another Eatpoo activity. This time I had to make something up about weasels, the moon, and corsets.

Do you want to hate yourself and then get a burning vigor to become better with a mixed reaction of revenge and spite? Then check out Charlie Wen's concept art for God of War 2.

Also check out the DAVE GUERTIN AND GREG BALDWIN INTERVIEW at the Character Design blog. Dave is some sort of awesome shape mastermind.


auds said...

You're right, the Charlie Wen stuff kind of makes me want to go cut myself.

That painting of Atlas is badass.

Also, excellent use of corsets.

Cibo said...

very manly. XD What is that thing hanging from his spear...?

whoreray/redfive said...

It's a flower. I think that was another word I had to incorporate.